Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14th 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Today I have decided to start my blog, a place to share my thoughts, ideas and creativity.

I have recently been inspired to follow my passion for creating beautiful things and have just opened my Etsy store, Bitofvintage.

I love to decorate, I love all things vintage and I LOVE shabby chic. I am trying to pull all these things together in the items that I produce~ ~~~~~~
It`s 10pm, my children and husband are in bed, it`s my time to let my mind wander and imagine what wonderful things I can create..............I love my muslin ribbons, this picture is one of my favourites- the pink butterfly on French lettering. I`m trying to think of a new idea for the muslin, I have my bookmarks and my gift tags, but I just know there`s something else out there waiting to be created with this simple cotton fabric.............totes, aprons....they have all been done....... I think I need to start by dying the fabric in some of my favourite shabby chic colors~ pale pink, mint green and china blue~That`s what I`ll do first, and then the rest will follow..............

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