Friday, April 9, 2010

April 8th

Thankyou so much to Sparkling Scrapbooks for displaying some of my crepe paper frills on her blogspot, its great to see what people are using my frills for~ they looked wonderful around the edge of the photo!

Ilisted my tote bags and teabags on ebay last night..............hope they are popular!


Flickering Brilliance said...

I love your work, the ribbon is my fave! I'm such a huge fan of ribbon,and glitter, French inspired Ribbon at that, and could only find it at one of my fave boutiques close to the very small town we live in called, I love Paris, but it's nothing quite like yours. Two of my fave's....fabric & glitter!!! I've ordered your ribbon off of ebay then I realized you had an etsy store, as so do I for my handmade candles and cottage decor.....I can't wait to use your ribbons around the house.

Val Jackson said...

Thanks so much! I hunt almost every week for vintage seam bindings and fabric at a local manna house thrift store...........I got lucky today and found 2 rolls of vintage perma-seam binding, not full rolls but, hey, beggars can`t be choosers!