Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gorgeous French Linen Script Fabric Find!

Hope you are having a good weekend!
I wanted to tell you about this great find I made today................I had been searching for a pretty fabric with  a design that was like a lot of my goodies on Ebay......script background, crowns, cherubs, ephemera, etc. I had been admiring a French linen ( I LOVE linen) that I could only find in the UK and was outrageously price by the time shipping was added............well today I found it on a website here!!!!! I wanted to share it with will make the most beautiful pillows or drapes. It is still a little pricey at $32.99 a yard but it is truly gorgeous, pure linen from France. Here is the link and a photo................

I plan on making some sofa cushions but some of it may find its way to an item I list in my store!

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Teri Ann said...

OOOH, it is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing the information! I am going to check it out. Like many I would love to make a trip to France to purchase linen, ribbon, French milled soaps, antiques, etc... Wonder if we could get a group discount if we all flew together? lol! I am now following your blog after finding you on ebay. Teri